Inspired by the 00s girly magazines, Loose Magazine is an independent fashion magazine focusing on trends, media, and cultural analysis. In concept, the magazine would be quarterly, having a loose theme each issue.

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a note on Loose
(& how it came to ... )


by Lucy Eaton

When I was at the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design this summer (summer '21), I was inspired to create my own little magazine. Largely because I love this industry to pieces, but also because I wanted to have a go at all hands of the business. Instagram marketing, writing, creating the website — you name it, I did it for Loose.

Since August '21, I have been running the Loose Instagram (@loose.magazine), reposting other creatives' pictures with my own words attached in the caption. One of my favourite posts so far is about the meaning of 'it girl,' and how this can be achieved. Writing longer captions like these also allowed me to dip my toes into different topics, without the commitment of writing a full article. (Especially in the case of Loose, where some of these posts would not completely fit the issue's theme.)

The title 'Loose' is a homophone of a nickname of mine, 'Luce.' Because this magazine was founded and ran by myself, I thought it would be fun to put a play on my own name.

By making the magazine quarterly, I have enough time to fully plan every issue to perfection, alongside my university studies. (Currently in my third year at the University of Sheffield, studying English Literature.) Issue 1 is shorter than it will be normally be, however I wanted to have a go at the entire process — writing, publishing, marketing an issue — without the extra weight of double the articles. I wanted to give each issue a theme, too, to give it some coherence; I was inspired by Vogue's tendency to theme their issues, and thought the extra challenge of sticking to a theme (albeight a loose one) would be fun.

Loose has well and truly been a passion project for me. I've really enjoyed every part of the process, and cannot wait to write more. <3

You can find more of my writing at lucyeaton.co.uk

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