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Autumn is always my favourite time of year. The buzz of a new semester, the crisp weather, the return to bundled-up fashion; not to mention Halloween, the perfect excuse for all fashion-lovers to dress up. In the first issue of Loose Magazine, we combine this excitement with the ever-growing popular of the digital. In its July/August issue, Vogue Portugal published the fascinating editorial ‘The Unbearable Weight of Being a Influencer,’ describing the absurdity of the world of influencers. From buying followers to achieve modeling gigs, to taping phones to clothes as a show of their power, the editorial reimagines what it’s like to be an influencer.


With this fascination of influencers in mind, we explore the transition of doll icon to digital influencer in Digital Girl. Bratz has recently rebooted their entire brand, and as such has combined its previous branding to an updated influencer-esque image. Influencers are a powerhouse now in fashion marketing, so we look at the style idol that is Devon Lee Carlson in Devon’s World. 


Autumn always makes me feel reminiscent. As we work towards a fresh start, we fondly look back on old interests. I remember my first year of university, where I rewatched the original Gossip Girl series in-between lectures. The antagonist of the teen drama modern classic was in fact, an online source; in Starrin’ n Stylin’, we reimagine the wardrobes of the Gossip Girl characters, if the show was aired in 2021.


Lastly, we dive further into the world of influencers, and the image behind them. TikTok has recently popularised the ‘that girl’ aesthetic, presenting a perfect life with an almost toxic obsession on healthy living. However, with the excitement of autumn in mind, perhaps we could take the message of wellness, and step into the new semester with an optimistic mind.

Lucy Eaton, Editor in Chief

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