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issue 3
the ghoul next door

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After a brief hiatus (thank you dissertation deadline) we’re back with our latest issue, all about horror! This issue is extra special to me; Loose Magazine was inspired by the week I spent at the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design, where we were asked to think of a fashion magazine concept. Mine was a horror and fashion magazine, taking inspiration from my dissertation idea, The Presentation of Women in 90s and 00s Horror. I ended up preferring the idea of loose themes (plus I didn’t feel educated enough to write on fashion in horror until my dissertation’s submission, so the entire mag would’ve taken an extra year to become published!) but, here we are, finally exploring the theme!


From this point, Loose will be taking a new direction, with more frequent article posts instead of quarterly releases — but, for Loose’s first anniversary, I just had to make the theme the idea that started it all. This issue, we also launch our brand-new section, The It Girl Glossary, kicking off with an introduction to the term 'It Girl' (including an interview with TikTok aesthetic star, Pearli Dark) and our first two features of the section, detailing how to emulate the styles of the Rockstar’s Girlfriend aesthetic, and the Final Girl aesthetic. Alongside this, we’ve got book and film recommendations — and, of course, I couldn’t make this issue, originally themed after my dissertation, without talking about the film that inspired me in the first place. Jennifer’s Body was once a failure, but in recent years, has found its audience, and the costuming in it is impeccable. Reflecting on my dissertation, we explore the costuming within Jennifer’s Body.


Issue 3 marks a change in Loose, and I cannot be more excited. I hope you all enjoy!



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High School Evil: the Costuming of Jennifer's Body

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Killer McQueen:
Alexander McQueen's Use of Horror in Fashion

The late Alexander McQueen often took inspiration from horror films. From Stephen King's Carrie to Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, we detail some of our favourite horror-inspired looks by the designer.

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Addison Rae for Praying:
Blasphemy in Fashion

Since the dawn of time, humans have been influenced by religion. But why is Praying's 'Holy Trinity' bikini seen as a step too far?

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Loose is introducing a new section: the It Girl Glossary. Here, we’re analysing the different aesthetics within the It Girl world, and how to achieve them. But what is an It Girl? In the introduction to our new section, we take a look at the meaning of It Girl, and how it's become a subcategory of aesthetics.

Read our introduction and first two posts, the Rockstar's Girlfriend and the Final Girl, below.

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Final Girls Read Too

Serial killers, framed murderers, and possessed mothers — here are our top thrilling novels to read this season.

Loose's Top 5
Horror Films

From Midsommar to Last Night in Soho, we list our top five horror films. Our first guest post.

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