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Alexa Chung: How To Emulate The Original It Girl

If you’re anything like me, you are in utter awe of the magnetism Alexa Chung exudes. Fashion designer, model, writer, and television presenter, she is the blueprint of chic coolness. Always dressed elegantly, with a bit of edge and androgyny, it is no wonder why she is one of fashion’s darlings. She proves herself to be extraordinarily classic without being boring and is consistently a fashion icon. When trends are up in the air and no one knows what to do, Alexa always does. But how can we replicate her style?

Taking a look at her fashion, there are a few key pieces necessary in order to fully embody a Chung-inspired look. For one, a good pair of jeans. This might be the most important element; in a number of interviews, Alexa has stated how much she adores a well-worn pair of jeans with well-placed pockets and a good wash. They are an easy way to pull on elements of French streetwear, which is arguably one of the most influential types of fashion. With these jeans, add on a leather or faux leather jacket, or perhaps a cheetah print coat, if you want to go full Chung, and suddenly you’ve become sophisticated with a bit of edge.

Perhaps one of the most striking elements of Alexa Chung’s fashion is her seamless integration of both feminine and masculine styles. Pairing some hot pants with sheer tights, and a dainty top with some delicate lace detailing and a structured blazer or mixing a well-tailored suit with a very feminine blouse, or simply adding an oversized leather jacket over top a slip dress will give you that signature Alexa Chung It Girl look.

When looking at Alexa’s style, there’s almost always an element of intrigue. Whether it be an untraditional mix of patterns or colors, like black and white stripes paired with a red snakeskin bomber jacket, or a frog-shaped clutch with an otherwise simple outfit, there is never a dull moment with the Chungster’s fashion.

To emit the same sort of polished flair that she has mastered, you should focus on being on your most authentic self, and letting this show through your style. Take a risk, even if you look back and think “yikes, that was not as cool as I thought it was” or “that was a bit of a juvenile choice.” Maybe knees ocks aren’t quite the elevated statement look and your dancing shoes don’t look as good on the dance-floor as you thought they did — but it’s the effort that you put into those little bits, forcing the head to quirk and lips to purse in contemplation, making you stand out and appear vogueish in nature.

The cornerstone to emulating the aesthetic appeal apparent in Alexa’s fashion choices lies in the concept of taking traditional silhouettes and pieces and working with them in an eccentric or abnormal way that expresses your sense of “you” in the most paradoxically refined and swanky fashion possible. And that is exactly the goal of any it girl’s wardrobe.

Words by Brianna Corrine

(@bricorrine on IG)

Edited by Lucy Eaton

(@llucyeaton on IG)


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