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Devon's World: AW21 Outfits Inspired by Devon Lee Carlson

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

It seems almost fantastical — the story of a 17-year-old Devon Lee Carlson, meeting Miley Cyrus in a restaurant bathroom and being asked about her homemade phone case, but that is the origin of the iconic phone case brand Wildflower. One of the first companies to make patterned phone cases, Wildflower is the perfect example of technology and fashion working hand-in-hand.

Devon Lee Carlson has a plethora of descriptors; the co-founder of Wildflower, model, and YouTuber are some to name a few. This summer, Carlson also worked as a stylist on Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Good 4 U’ music video. In 2019, the New York Post named Devon as the most influential influencer (according to New York teenagers), a claim not to take lightly. It is inarguable that, alongside her professional credits, she is a powerhouse in style and the epitome of an influencer. With autumn in mind, we explore both the appeal of Devon Lee Carlson and how to take style inspiration from her.

Anyone that watches Carlson’s vlogs, or follows her Instagram, can agree that it is difficult to truly pin down her style. She herself has always said that she wears what she likes. There are obvious 90s and 00s nods, a mix and match of prints (a nod to her love of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana?), with flares of current trends, and of course, a Wildflower case to match. However, every outfit is different.

But it is not just the clothes; part of Carlson’s appeal comes from her mindset. “It’s how confident she is, willing to try and wear weird or different things,” one recipient said for the New York Post, in the aforementioned article. That is something we can all take from Devon — any outfit can look outstanding if the wearer feels confident within themselves.

The confidence, the freedom of expression, and the exciting outfits accumulate into creating Devon’s certain image: the 2021 version of a 00s rom-com star.

For a Devon-inspired AW21 wardrobe, we’ve compiled some of her looks best fit for the season.

Both images from @devonleecarlson on Instagram

“Fit is the most important thing…,” she says in Fashionista. “It could be the funkiest, most extravagant piece, and if it fits really good, you can sell it.” A tried-and-true rule in fashion, Devon’s style philosophy points towards dressing for yourself and your body.

Both images from @devonleecarlson on Instagram

Knee-high boots are a staple for Carlson. From plain leather to patterned, or even cowboy boots, there are countless ways to switch up this style to match your own. Look for vintage boots with a unique flair to spice up simpler outfits.

Regardless, knee-high boots always bring a new level of sophistication to any outfit. We love these paisley print boots, as shown above.

@devonleecarlson on Instagram

Plaid is of course ideal for any AW outfit. Prints with darker tones can bring the autumn aesthetic to life — or even Burberry-inspired plaid, since the neutral colours compliment autumn perfectly. Plaid mini skirts in particular have been spotted multiple times on Devon’s Instagram; with the Burberry plaid in mind, too, this is a fun nod to 00s fashion. (Gretchen Weiners, anyone?)

@devonleecarlson on Instagram

Leather is always a good idea for autumn. Both the boot and jacket variety, Carlson shows instant coolness wearing leather. To tie an outfit together, wear all leather accessories.

@devonleecarlson on Instagram

Devon has worn many a blazer on her Instagram, and every time it is effortlessly chic. Blazers are easy to find at vintage stores, too, something that Carlson is a personal fan of: “If I’m going to spend my money on something, I want it to be rare and feel special.”* One of Loose's favourite looks is the image below, a great example of Devon’s love for mixing and matching patterns. The key is to find patterns with correlating colours; that way, in spite of their clashing prints, they actually compliment each other.

@devonleecarlson on Instagram

No Devon Lee Carlson outfit is complete without a matching phone case. As technology becomes increasingly prevalent in our lives, our phones are equivalent to a bag; we always have them on us. So, if we change our bags to match our outfits, why not do the same for phone cases?

* also from the Fashionista article, linked here:

Edited by Lucy Eaton


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