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Festive Fashion for the Holiday Season

The Christmas season is the perfect time to use fashion to express yourself! Take a look at some outfit inspiration and makeup ideas for different activities this Christmas season!

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping can be stressful – so comfort is a must! Pairing jeans and a jumper with knee high boots is a great way to look stylish, but also ideal to keep warm in the cold! Naomi Campbell dresses up her outfit with an eye-catching tote bag and the Hadid sisters each pick a staple colour to be the focus point of their outfits. With Gigi’s red parker jacket and Bella’s white turtleneck being eye-catching and comfy, you can shop in style whilst rocking the Christmas colour palette of white, red, and green!

Christmas Party

Last Christmas, Kylie Jenner’s festive green dress turned lots of heads. A bodycon dress with a Christmas colour palette is perfect for any Christmas party! Kylie’s silver jewellery and matching green nails pull this outfit together, while giving it an elegant touch. Consistency can be key in fashion, and pairing your lippy with your nails is a perfect way to keep your outfit fresh and put together!

Little Black Dress

A fashion staple that stuns throughout the year is the little black dress. Supermodel Kate Moss has been rocking the little black dress throughout her decades long career, and swears by its versatility and sexiness. A timeless staple in passion, the little black dress paired with the right accessories and makeup can be dressed up or down to make it more casual. Available in loads of different styles and lengths, the black dress is a fashionable staple that you can style up this Christmas period for a seductive and effortless look.

‘Cold Girl’ Makeup

A TikTok makeup trend that’s taken the beauty world by storm, 'cold girl' makeup centres around flushed cheeks and glossy lips, replicating the beauty of the winter chill. Use a pink blush for a natural flush, and highlight on the cheekbones and tip of the nose for a dewy natural glow. Add a shimmery shadow to the inner corners for bright and rejuvenated eyes, and paired with a woolly sweater and some leggings, is a go to everyday look that keeps your makeup minimal and fresh.

Classic Red Lip

They say there’s a shade of red lipstick to suit everyone — and we couldn’t agree more! Sultry red lips are the perfect way to dress up any outfit, and a great way to make your makeup stand out. A great colour for special occasions, red revitalises the face and adds drama to your look.

New Year’s Glam

If you ask us, there is no better way to ring in 2023 than with an outfit that you feel (and look) fabulous in. A time for change and positivity, New Year's Eve celebrations provide the perfect opportunity to express yourself and welcome the new year with a killer outfit. Glitter and sparkles are staples of New Year's Eve fashion, and you can’t go wrong with a glittery mini dress that reflects the magical aura of a new year. We love Dua Lipa's glittery mini dress! Her loose blonde hair and sultry makeup look gives her outfit an effortless edge and catches the eye.

Words by Caitlin Rooney

(@caitlinrooxx on IG)

Edited by Lucy Eaton

(@llucyeaton on IG)


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