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Final Girls Read Too!

Serial killers, framed murderers, and possessed mothers — here are our top thrilling novels to read this season.

Other People's Clothes, Calla Henkel

On their year abroad in Berlin, art students Zoe and Hailey discover that their landlady is stealing details from their lives to write her next novel. So, to seem more exciting, they decide to put on a show. Set in the 00s, the book is rife of nostalgic pop culture references, and the way things unravel is wild. 5/5 ★

How to Kill Your Family, Bella Mackie

After being abandoned by her billionaire father, Grace Bernard sets out on the ultimate revenge: killing him and his entire family. But, just before reaching her father, she’s sent to prison for murder — one she didn’t commit. As her sentence becomes appealed, Grace writes down her original plan. An interesting read with an interesting protagonist, even if the deviation of narration seems tedious at times. 4/5 ★

Nightbitch, Rachel Yoder

Struggling with motherhood, the nameless narrator finds herself undergoing changes, finding herself transforming into a dog. A common trope in horror is the exploration of motherhood, and this novel does exactly that. 4/5 ★


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