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It Girl Glossary: The Femme Fatale

A dangerous seducer, ego killer, weapon: fresh red nails, they are their own soulmate, the human embodiment of confidence. Her smile is a loaded gun, men and liars see her as a goddess; she’s beauty, she’s grace… she is the femme fatale.

You might’ve seen this it girl trending on TikTok, often followed with pictures of Alexa Demie and Bella Hadid, over the tune of Stargirl (Interlude). The femme fatale it girl is the most independent of women, whilst being the most desirable. Her mysteriousness captivates those around her; and, while there are clear issues with this it girl trend, the focus on self-confidence is something we can always admire.

Self confidence is the key to everything with the femme fatale. They are the leader in their life, and if they want things to be different that will manifest, and no one can change anything about it. They please themselves with material possessions, indulging in stereotypical forms of femininity: sparkly lipglosses, new nail polishes, anything special to treat themselves with. To emulate this in your life, allow yourself to indulge in the little things, from new nail polish to pastries for breakfast. The femme fatale is glamorous, of course, but understands that it’s the small luxuries that help make you feel special.

Saying positive affirmations is another key trait of the femme fatale. How is it that you’re able to give so much love to a significant other and not to your own self? If you don’t know where to start, here are some of my favourite affirmations :

  • I always look beautiful without even trying.

  • I radiate confidence everywhere i go.

  • My beauty is seductive.

  • I am dangerously attractive.

  • My eyes are extremely alluring

The femme fatale knows her worth. Not everyone can have her, not everyone can be her. Audrey Hepburn once said, “I am not in a million kind of girl. I am once in a lifetime kind of woman.” 80% of the story happens in the eyes, so perfect your eyeliner look to create the best siren eyes.

The femme fatale isn’t an easy woman, she needs to be worshipped. Oversharing is your biggest enemy, never tell people your projects and plans, let them watch and contemplate your success. Work hard but silently.

Remember, you are beauty and grace. Get your hair done just because you feel like it, fix your posture and keep your back straight! Having good posture makes you look more confident, which will soon make you feel it. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want. It is not you being desperate, it’s you getting what you deserve. Don’t talk bad about yourself, you are the most important element in your life and finally: men are just a bonus, they shouldn’t be your top priority.

Words by Ghita Sadik

(@onlyangelvr on IG)

Edited by Lucy Eaton

(@llucyeaton on IG)


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