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It Girl Glossary: the It Girls of Chanel

Chanel — the world’s most renowned luxury brand, who handpicks their ambassadors and models to contribute to their elegant, sumptuous image. Who are the ‘it’ girls of the brand, what is their style philosophy, and just what about them is so captivating?

Origins of Chanel

Chanel started as a hat shop in Paris, named ‘Coco’ after the moniker of founder Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel. The hats were a success among French actors, and the brand quickly made a name for itself. In 1931, Chanel released its first haute couture collection, making a splash in the world of French fashion. Fast forward to the present day, where Chanel’s fashion is instantly recognisable thanks to its signature simple-yet-elegant French aesthetic: delicate gold hardware, pearls, and a neutral, classic colour palette, to name a few staple elements.

Lily-Rose Depp

Depp was destined for fame from an early age. The daughter of French model Vanessa Paradis and American actor Johnny Depp, talent runs in her blood. Similar to her mother, she made her runway debut for Chanel, opening their Metiers d’Arts show in 2016. Depp has her own distinct modelling identity, which sinks through to her personal everyday style.

Most of her street style falls under a simple formula: a well-fitting pair of jeans, a camisole, cropped baby tee (or long sleeve shirts for colder weather), and a fun outer piece (be it a jacket or cardigan), paired with a classic neutral bag, or the occasional pop of colour on her shoes.

Image via Pinterest

This outfit is a quintessential Lily-Rose Depp look. Pairing a well fitting, low waisted pair of jeans with a cropped navy cardigan along with contrast point-toe shoes, Depp creates an effortlessly put together look with basics that are easily accessible. Depp accessorises with a nude handbag and sunglasses, looking very chic.

To try the look yourself, look into jeans that fit your specific body type. Nowadays, there are many different fits including petite and curvy, however tailoring is another alternative to get that perfect fit. Jeans are a staple investment that should be in everyone’s wardrobe. Camisoles and cropped cardigans can be purchased in a multitude of colours for unique styles, and a neutral pair of shoes and a bag goes a long way.

Image via Just Jared

This is my personal favourite outfit of hers. These pieces individually could seem quite plain, however, the contrasting textures create a look with depth. In this, Depp accessorises with an oversized leather jacket and leather boots, contrasting with a knit jumper. The allure of her style is how simple it is at a glance: wardrobe basics paired together, yet they create a classic, effortless chic look, epitomising the essence of Chanel and French fashion. No wonder she is one of Chanel’s it girls!

Jennie Kim

Jennie Kim rose to fame as the main rapper of girl group BLACKPINK. Since her debut, the idol has been adorned in Chanel, and even been given the nickname ‘human Chanel’. In spring of 2019, Kim became an official brand ambassador of Chanel. Jennie’s style philosophy consists of two contrasting elements: one is clean lines radiating professionalism, and the second is a more casual look.

Image via koreaboo

The first of these elements contains clean cut lines and neutral colours, paired with delicate jewellery and accessories, radiating a professional, business casual look. This outfit is not only a notable example, but a personal favourite of mine. Kim was spotted in Incheon Airport wearing a twist on the classic blouse and jeans combination. She is wearing straight leg, cropped light wash jeans, paired with a double breasted, lapel collar white blouse adorned with gold buttons. She finishes the look by adding nude heels and a white Chanel purse. This outfit is timeless, elegant and oh-so-classy. To recreate this look, try and find blouses with several types of cuts to spice up a classic pair of jeans. Look for unique fits, and take inspiration from classic clothing

Jennie’s second style philosophy is a lot more casual. On Instagram, and when spotted at casual outings, Jennie is seen in combinations of wide leg trousers paired with cropped shirts and cardigans, layered with oversized jumpers and outerwear.

Image via Instagram

Here, Jennie sports a slouched white tee shirt paired with wide leg jeans, layered with an oversized tie-dye cardigan and matching tie-dye Chanel bag. This is something Jennie always makes sure to do: matching her accessories to her outfit to create a cohesive look, even in slouchy fits. Look for cardigans and jumpers that drape well for a comfortable, casual look. Trainers are another staple that Jennie leans towards in casual outfits, most notably white canvas trainers.

Jennie’s influence is all over east and south-east Asia, spreading to the west as well nowadays. We think she is the perfect embodiment of the Chanel vibe!

Written by Piangfah Arnprakhon

(@pompurinluv on ig)

Edited by Lucy Eaton

(@llucyeaton on ig)


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