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It's Always Fashion Week in Milan: a Look at Milan Street Style

As a city with foundations built on culture and the arts, the distinct styling of Milan citizens shouldn't be a surprise. They're perfect embodiments of the city's energy; the people are composed, as though their outfits have been revised to the very last details. In internet terms, I'd define the fashion as a fusion of Matilda Djerf's Scandi-girl with the chicness of the rockstar girlfriend. I'm talking blazers, hoops, and the compliment of a cup of coffee. Everything the Milan girl held became an accessory.

Matilda Djerf

In regards to colour palette, black and white mark as essentials; nudes and light plaids shifted between them. Every outfit was completed by a red lip, leaving opportunity for a paired heel, nail, or accent. Brands were replaced by high-quality goods, costing the same amount but with less flashiness. Gucci handbags were swapped for a purse the same price, but with no logo to be seen. Not overly flashy or showy, but clearly something that would cost a fortune.

Silhouettes were fitted, and cooler weather made trench coats and boxy jackets must-haves. The shoe of choice throughout this season were boots — from knee highs to Doc Martens, boots were seen in all forms. Jeans were almost never low rise, but almost certainly flared, often in darker washes, perhaps reflecting the transition into winter. Belts were bulky rather than dainty, and skirts would sit below knee. Shirts were simple, button-ups were frequent and prints were almost never seen.

Makeup was subtle, naturally passing if not for red flushes and glossed lips, so my choice of blue eyeshadow with wings stood out. Everything worn in Milan is designed to fit perfectly into the city; running to catch trams and drinking cappuccinos at 10AM. The outfits I witnessed on the Metro wouldn't have felt complete without the environment it was kept in. The cafe's, boutiques, and galleries all contributed to making the city feel oh-so-fashionable.

Consistency seemed key, and fashion week never seemed truly over in Milan.

Words by Tia Shah

( on IG)

Edited by Lucy Eaton

(@llucyeaton on IG)


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