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Mitten in the Stars: 00s-Inspired Winter Fashion

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Although the 00s is known for summery outfits, like mini skirts and halter tops, there is an array of winter style to be discovered. From fur coats to Afghan jackets, we explore 00s winter fashion, and how to wear it in 2022.

Lovingly known as ‘Russian bimbo’ on TikTok, the winter trend of short skirts, cable knits, and snow boots — all monochrome — takes its inspiration from the 00s. Most notably seen in D&G Fall 2006 and Blugirl Fall 2005, these collections combined warmer pieces, like fur hats and coats, with less practical additions, such as slip dresses in Blugirl’s case. Layered with the right pieces, however, this look is ideal for staying fashionable in spite of the winter weather.

Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

The trend of ‘Russian bimbo’ can be seen bleeding into the revival of 00s preppy chic. Items like thick knitted cardigans can be paired with items more suitable to preppy chic, like black pencil skirts. Preppy chic has been a style for decades, however it was Gossip Girl that helped cement it as a staple of the 00s. Blair Waldorf especially helped bring the style to mainstream audiences, upgrading her private school uniform with accessories like headbands and Mary Jane shoes. This style finds its roots in New England and American east coast universities, so the fashion is already adapted for colder months. The importance of this look is in the tailoring — to take another nod from Gossip Girl's uniform style, blazers of all kinds would be perfect for winter weather.

Suede and Afghan coats were part of the 00s’ bohemian trend. Largely inspired by the 70s fever in the 00s, boho chic valued earthy tones with materials like suede and denim. Afghan coats in particular were originally created for cold Afghanistan winters, often incorporating embroidered patterns. However, in the past year, online retailers like Urban Outfitters have started selling recreations more similar to Charlotte’s suede jacket in Sex and the City — a hot pink jacket with fur detailing. These coats allow wearers to stay warm, and can complete a look all on their own.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

Fur coats were a staple of Sex and the City. The iconic baseball game scene shows Carrie, Charlotte, and Samantha all wearing fur coats, and a staple of Carrie’s going-out wardrobe was a fur coat longer than her dresses. The HBO show first premiered in the late 90s, but its fashion influence exploded in the 00s. Worn alongside Carrie’s natural curls, fur coats create effortless style.

In spite of 00s nostalgic favouring summer clothes, there is still vast amounts of winter fashion to take inspiration from. With fur coats and Afghan jackets, winter fashion has never looked so good.

by Lucy Eaton


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