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Remembering Jane Birkin, an OG it girl & effortless chic extraordinaire

Jane Birkin, the English-French model, actress, musician and muse started her career in England in the mid-60s, her first claim to fame being in 1966 where she bagged roles in the films Blowup and Kaleidoscope.

After divorcing John Barry, she took her daughter Kate and made her way to France; when asked why the French welcomed her so openly as a Brit Jane replied “I fell in love with Serge, madly, then with them. I was adopted, and am still paying back that unexpected love.” Once in France, she was cast in Slogan (despite not knowing a single word of French) alongside musician and actor Serge Gainsbourg, whom she would eventually be married to for twelve years. Her and Gainsbourg's artistic flares drew them together, helping catapult Jane into stardom.

Jane was (and will be forever be) a fashion icon and muse; her effortless Parisian style and whimsical, carefree nature drew attention from the minute she stepped into the spotlight. With tousled hair and a laissez-faire fringe, her style personified playful yet pulled together. From her white blouses to 60s stylin’ playsuits her inspiration is endless.

Jane was often spotted in casual jeans and a white t-shirt, being able to transform the plainest outfits into something people would pin to style moodboards for decades. There was something so enigmatic and open about Jane, and her style truly reflected that.

Jane photographed in 1969 in a white crochet dress, that she wore backwards!

Jane in red ballet flats in the late 60s, a trend which is still prevalent today.

So much of her style was ahead of its time. From ballet flats to basket bags, Jane was an entrepreneur of so many trends that have stuck till this day.

Jane photographed with her favourite wicker bag she bought at a market in London.

Jane photographed with her iconic Birkin bag, which was created and named after her, following her conversation with an Hérmes executive on a plane and telling him she couldn't find the right carryall.

Jane’s influence in fashion changed the face of what it meant to be an “it girl” — her effortless and androgynous approach to style is something so many still try and emulate. The appeal of her look is timeless and unique making it wholly her own, replicating her style isn’t so much about a copy-and-paste outfit. Instead, the lesson we learn from her is that true style comes from what makes you feel chic and reflects one’s true self.

Farewell madame Jane Birkin; your kind soul and iconic style will live on forever.

Sources: Wikipedia, Elle Australia, The New York Times.

Words by Pearli Dark

(@pearlidark on IG)

Edited by Lucy Eaton

(@llucyeaton on IG)


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