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It Girl Glossary: How to Dress like a Rockstar's Girlfriend

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The love letter from Alex Turner to Alexa Chung, that is now available to buy on totes and t-shirts.

Possibly one of the most desirable of It Girl aesthetics, the ‘Rockstar’s Girlfriend’ trend has been circulating the internet for years. Once, it was encapsulated by the model and fashion designer Alexa Chung, the now-ex girlfriend of Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner, who’s love letter to her has become famous itself. Then came Devon Lee Carlson, who dated The Neighbourhood’s Jesse Rutherford for several years. Both women, like every esteemed rockstar’s girlfriend before them, became icons within their own rights — and this, of course, was partly due to their style. Sure, the Rockstar’s Girlfriend aesthetic started off as fans idolising the well-dressed partners of their favourite band members, but over time, the aesthetic has become more than just the partner of a talented man. The Rockstar’s Girlfriend type of It Girl is praised not only for their messy yet chic style, but their nonchalant confidence. Recently, ELLE talked about the Rockstar’s Girlfriend and their position as the muse to famous musicians. Not only this, but they mentioned how often times, it is these women that inspire era-defining aesthetics. Anita Pallenberg, an It Girl of the 1970s, had romantic ties to two of the Rolling Stones, and is often credited for the band's change in style. It’s undeniable that these women have an impact — so how can we emulate their style?

Anita Pallenberg with Rolling Stones' Brian Jones, 1967
Anita Pallenberg with Rolling Stones' Brian Jones, 1967

Every Rockstar’s Girlfriend has their own individual style, but there are several running themes amongst the modern-day girls. The base of all looks is a level of messiness — but think the messy chic of Gossip Girl’s Serena van der Woodsen. Blake Lively’s character was famous for wavy curls that needed a brush through, or last night’s makeup still on her face. Of course, not all of us look like Blake Lively, but this essence is the very core of the Rockstar’s Girlfriend aesthetic. The messiness represents an effortlessness to their looks.

Looks taken from Pinterest.

The modern-day Rockstar’s Girlfriend tends to wear black and white, with sprinklings of red. Often times, the black pieces are leather, a fabric this It Girl adores, whether it be on their jackets or boots (sometimes knee-high, sometimes not, but always, always chunky). This colour palette provides a rock look to their outfit, perfect to wear backstage.

Coats are a must for their aesthetic, oversized ones especially. Whilst the leather jacket is the winner amongst these It Girls, fur coats are also prominent. A big part of this aesthetic is mixing messiness with chicness, rock with glam, and a fur coat does exactly this. Leather boots, too, especially when paired with a mini dress. Whilst the leather provides a grungey coolness, the mini dress creates a feminine fabulousness.

This subversion of femininity is a big part of this aesthetic. The Rockstar's Girlfriend will wear mini skirts, lacey fabrics, sweet dresses, however all in dark shades, to create a grungey effect.

Like all It Girl aesthetics, often times these trends are difficult to pin-point exactly — but it’s the essence that’s most important. As long as you’ve got a messy chicness to your style, you’ll be on your way to becoming a Rockstar’s Girlfriend… Rockstar boyfriend not included.

Written and edited by Lucy Eaton

This post is part of Loose Magazine's It Girl Glossary, exploring the aesthetics of different it girl archetypes, and how to recreate their style. To see more, check out the page 'It Girl Glossary'.


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