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Starrin & Stylin: Dressing the Monster High Girls in 2022 (Part 1)

It's Halloween season, and the release of the live action Monster High has left us thinking. How would the ghouls dress in 2022? Loose Magazine takes a look at the five main ghouls, detailing how we'd dress them today.

This is a two-part article in honour of Loose's favourite holiday, Halloween. Article one looks at Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, and Lagoona Blue, whilst part two looks at Draculaura and Cleo De Nile.

Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein's monster. Only 15 days old, Frankie was known within the line as bubbly, charged-up to make friends (and, in the Lisi Harrison book series, a major Lady Gaga fan). She often wore punk-inspired fashion, something we tried to emulate during our re-styling.

For tops, Frankie would have vests and buttoned up shirts, giving a punk spin on academia. The vests would be asymmetrical, with buckles, needles, and pins as accessories. I also added distressed crochet sweaters, a 2022 twist on Frankie's love for DIY fashion.

Mini skirts are a staple in a Monster High ghoul's wardrobe, and Frankie is no different. Hers would be plaid, cargo, and denim, incorporating exaggerated stitching to reflect her skin. Often, her skirts will be a patchwork print, a fashionable take on the Frankenstein's monster look.

A big part of Frankie's look is her love for accessorising, and this would play into her shoes too. They would be platform, with varying accessories like straps and bows. She'd wear these with distressed tights, giving the illusion that her own stitches are tearing them. Frankie's preppy-in-punk look would be reflected in knee socks, too, to wear with her plaid mini skirts. Her bags would be plaid, with steel accessories hanging from every crevice.

Clawdeen Wolf

The daughter of the werewolf, Clawdeen Wolf is the fashionista of Monster High, incorporating animal prints, daring colours, and gold accessories into her looks.

I chose tops with a 00s flair, but focused on off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder tops, with some being animal print. Sometimes, her tops will have over-emphasised claw marks, giving the illusion she purposely tore them herself. Her skirts with have faux fur detailing, paying ode to her lycanthropy, and her trousers would be bold; high-fashion pieces and bright purple latex, with stitches along the side.

Since Clawdeen's the fashion icon, she'd carefully select her dresses, choosing experimental patterns, often including animal print. She'd wear these with fur-collared jackets, often vintage, and leather boots. Her accessories almost always incorporate fur — from fur hats to bags, she'd style these with big sunglasses and necklaces resembling collars.

Lagoona Blue

Styling Lagoona was hard, but I believe I got there. A sea monster, Lagoona Blue's fashion reflects this, mimicking the contemporary ‘coconut girl’ aesthetic. Let's dive deeper into her look.

Lagoona often incorporates fishnets into her outfits, and this would continue in 2022. She’d wear halter tops and style them with fishnet accessories — or, she’d wear mesh tops, a similar texture to fishnet. She’d also wear loose tops, sometimes with ruffles, resembling the sea’s waves.

She’d incorporate crochet into her looks, the texture resembling the ocean’s mossy, rocky seabed, whether it be tops, dresses, or shorts. Mini skirts are a must for any Monster High girl, too — but Lagoona would use a silk material, creating a water-like sheen when she walks. She’d also wear skirts with ruffles, giving a wave effect. And, as a 2022 update to her look, she’d wear maxi skirts, focusing on brightly-coloured floral prints.

Miss Lagoona ‘I’ve-mastered-surfing-in-platforms-because-I-don’t-want-to-waste-time-changing’ Blue wouldn’t be caught dead in anything other than platforms. She’d wear platforms heels with flowers on them, resembling those found along the coast on the beach — a sweet tribute to the coconut girl aesthetic. She’d also wear platform sandals in pastel colours, reflecting the colours of coral.

Lagoona would add charms to everything, especially in the shape of seashells. She’d add waistbeads to her outfits, a staple amongst beachgoers, and often, she'd wear colourful and quirky hair accessories, like starfishes, flowers and hair beads. Her hair clips would be pastel coloured, but will consist of blue, green and pink, calling back to her doll’s colour palette. Her makeup would be shimmery and glossy, alluding to the ocean. And, to top it all off, her bags would incorporate these textures we’ve discussed, all referring back to the ocean. Tote bags with moss, beaded purses, bags in the shape of sea creatures… You name it — if it looks oceanic, Lagoona’s got it.

Words by Lucia Malanga

(@lalalunarbaby on IG)

Edited by Lucy Eaton

(@llucyeaton on IG)


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