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Starrin & Stylin: Dressing the Monster High Girls in 2022 (Part 2)

It's Halloween season, and the release of the live action Monster High has left us thinking. How would the ghouls dress in 2022? Loose Magazine takes a look at the five main ghouls, detailing how we'd dress them today.

This is a two-part article in honour of Loose's favourite holiday, Halloween. Article one looks at Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, and Lagoona Blue, whilst part two looks at Draculaura and Cleo De Nile.


The daughter of Dracula, Draculaura's the resident vampire at Monster High, with a colour palette mostly consisting of black, white, and pink. She's sixteen-hundred years old, so her outfit choices often reflect previous centuries — most notably Victorian fashion, which is referenced through corsets, waistcoats, petticoats, and all of the trimmings. It's important to remember, when styling Draculaura, that the Gothic elements are balanced with cuteness. She may be a vampire, but she isn't threatening (if the pink streaks didn't already give that away).

Draculaura, in 2022, would be a Vivienne Westwood and Miu Miu girl. Think the costuming of Lexi Howard in season two of Euphoria, only in black and pink. She'd combine youthful, cute clothing like mini skirts and cardigans with the Gothic: chokers, black fabrics, and lace. I love the idea of Draculaura wearing pinstripe two-sets — a reference to traditional suits — but as a mini skirt and cropped top. Perhaps she'd wear a black cardigan on top, replacing the usual buttons for black satin ribbons.

There'd be an array of ribbons and lace within her wardrobe, which would transform any Gothic outfit into something sweeter. I'd love to see her in stockings, with holes being tied together with ribbons, as seen above. Or, she'd accessorise with pearls, stacking them together to make them more exciting. I could see her using blood-red gemstones and pearls within her jewellery, referring to her vampiric nature. And, of course, Draculaura in 2022 would have to have the Vivienne Westwood heart-shaped bag. It's not a want, it's a must.

Cleo de Nile

The it girl of Monster High, Cleo de Nile is the daughter of the mummy, and loves to flaunt her royalty through her wardrobe. Gold, jewel-tones, and jewels themselves can be spotted in every Cleo outfit — not to mention bandages, stylishly wrapped around her arms and legs.

Whilst Draculaura is Miu Miu and Vivienne Westwood, Cleo has got to be a Versace girl. (Could you expect anything less from a princess?) Their affinity for sparkling fabrics would pair well with Cleo's love for jewels, and an everyday outfit for her would reflect Versace in the 90s, a shiny mini skirt and knitted jumper. She'd incorporate the brand's mini dresses and tops into her looks, too, somehow pulling them off for school. And, of course, I think she would love their branded jewellery, the Medusa icon a heartfelt tribute to her boyfriend.

Alongside this, she'd love Blumarine, and it's flowing designs. She'd wear their sheer dresse, sticking to a palette of browns and sapphire, and accessorise to the high heavens with gold jewellery. Bangles, necklaces, you name it — anything that glitters, she'd layer it, and flawlessly. Of course, Cleo would have a personal collection of gold and bejewelled handbags, in particular the gold Balenciaga Le Cagole, and a glittering Fendi Baguette. To top it all off, Cleo would wrap bandages around her arms and legs as replacements for tights and long-sleeved tops, similar to Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier in the early 00s. And, a Cleo look would not be complete without the makeup — a black cat eye, perhaps with gemstones.

Make sure to read part one, here.

Written & edited by Lucy Eaton

(@llucyeaton on IG)


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