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The Creepy Yet Kooky Costuming of Wednesday (Part II)

“I know I’m stubborn, single-minded and obsessive

but those are all traits from great writers… and serial killers.”

Wednesday Addams is one of the most recognisable characters from pop culture, having appeared in 1964 and 1991 adaptations of The Addams Family cartoons. Her cynical, expressionless, know-it-all demeanour with a closet full of black clothing and light weapons has become iconic — not to mention her plaits and collars becoming a classic costume every Halloween. In part 2 of our article on the Netflix adaptation Wednesday, we continue our look into how Wednesday's style changes from a classic, conservative look to a more expanded version of herself.

10th look

Wednesday’s always had a fondness for stereotypically masculine garments, but when her personal life turns apocalyptic, this is even more so. Her father’s arrested, her friend’s on their deathbed, and she’s sabotaged too many relationships to count. She’s carrying all of the responsibility, considering herself the most ‘capable’ member of the Addams’.

She wears a high-low heavy coat, reminiscent of Victorian gentlemen. With this, she pairs her usual staples: a white shirt with a black-and-white sweater vest, its checkerboard pattern a reflection of the puzzling mysteries surrounding her. The sweater vest, too, is a fleeting return to Wednesday’s classic schoolgirl aesthetic, both her collared black dress and sweater vest monikers of academic uniforms.

12th look

After sabotaging all of her relationships, Wednesday is left alone in her room, hyper-fixating on the mystery she tries to solve. To remind the audience of her intellectual side, she wears another black and white chessboard pattern sweater vest, this time over a turtleneck. The pattern is repeated throughout the show — interestingly, when she has to rely on someone else. Her most inviting of outfits, it shows how deeply she misses her roommate Enid.

13th look

For her first date with Tyler, Wednesday dresses in a relaxed and modern outfit: a bomber jacket and boots. And, apart from her sweater vests, we can see that she’s straying away from preppy elements in her costuming. She’s loosening up, beginning to trust and care for those around her.

15th look

Surprisingly, her most vengeful and sadistic side is embodied in a modern outfit. Wednesday tricks, manipulates, and tortures her love interest (now nemesis), wearing a leather jacket and a picnic-pattern sweater. From the outside, she may look helpless, but she wears multiple layers, representing her returning self-preservation. After trusting someone she shouldn’t have, she rebuilds her walls.

16th look

Bloodshed, battles, homicide, and resurrection are the morbid themes of the final episode. Wednesday faces severe hardships in the lead up to her battle against the resurrected Joseph Crackstone, protecting a school she once despised. She represents the spirit of Nevermore Academy by wearing its uniform, finally showing her care for unity and friendship she wanted to keep her distance from.

17th look

The final look of Wednesday is a dress similar to the first one, showing that the character hasn't changed, just evolved. She wears a black dress as she usually does but her white collar, the piece of her wardrobe she seems to be the most affected by, is aesthetically deconstructed in a gorgeous garment. She is still confident, stubborn, and obsessive, but she values deeper connections and is (slightly) friendlier.


To replicate her style, it is highly recommended to stick to white collars, sweater vests and French coats, in a preppy yet refined style. Wednesday Addams always looks elegant, however, this is not obligated to carry her essence with her typical seriousness and morbid-ness into inspired outfits. It is possible to wear similar staples. For a gothic look, focus on chains, chokers, and bold blazers, and for grunge, look for oversized pants, button shirts, and dark sweater vests. And, of course, you can’t forget the platform shoes, to stomp on all your foes.

Words by Johanna Payet

(@meetmeindetention_ on IG)

Edited by Lucy Eaton

(@llucyeaton on IG)


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