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The Future of It Girls

From Hollywood to the runway, the it girl is always the spectacle of admiration and intrigue. Many celebrities such as Blake Lively and Megan Fox have secured their it girl status, but what does the future look like for the it girls that are on their way to the top?

Watching as the spotlight shines upon the latest it girls is one of this generation’s favourite pastimes! The it girl’s captivating and special charm is impossibly alluring, and the influence she has over fashion is even more incredible! Ultimately, what makes an it girl exciting is predicting who will hold this spotlight next. As trendsetters, the it girl’s influence over fashion, makeup, accessories, and pretty much everything else is amazing to witness. Let’s take a look at the current and future it girls…

Bella Hadid

It has been an incredible year so far in the modelling career of it girl Bella Hadid. Her older sister Gigi secured her place as an it girl in the late 2010s, and by the looks of it, Bella has followed her footsteps.

Recently, Bella was part of fashion history at Paris Fashion Week, thanks to the infamous spray-on dress at Corperni’s SS23 Collection. The elegant style and striking simplicity of the white slit dress drew all eyes on to Bella, the latest it girl, as the dress was spray-painted onto her.

Bella’s style is personal and striking — qualities that the it girl always has. On her social medias, Bella has a down to earth vibe and confidence that we love to witness, and her personal life such as who she is dating always makes the headlines. But what makes Bella it girl material is the authenticity and allure that she captures within her style, personality, and talent.

Bella Hadid modelling for Coperni SS23

Lila Moss

As the daughter of 90s supermodel Kate Moss, Lila Moss was destined to be a future it girl. At just twenty years old, Lila has already walked for reputable brands like Versace and Fendi, but her influence as an it girl is only just beginning.

Lila’s style is feminine, and we see a lot of floral and pastel colours in her clothing, alongside block colours for sophisticated, mature looks. She often wears her hair in a slick bun or loose curls to compliment her face, matching the current ‘clean girl’ trend. Sometimes, though, she also experiments with edgy makeup looks, replicating her mum’s looks in the 90s.

Lila invites us into her world of high fashion through her TikTok and Instagram accounts, showing an exciting behind the scenes of fashion events. Her debut at the Met Gala (alongside her mother), her 'girl-next-door' aura, and her effortless style all culminate to suggest that Lila is well on her way to achieving it girl status in the future.

Lila Moss

Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp has stardom in her DNA. As the daughter of actor Johnny Depp and French model Vanessa Paradis, the spotlight comes naturally to Lily-Rose. Since her start as a model, Lily-Rose has made an impression on the fashion world — and with her eye-catching style and upcoming acting career, has quickly blossomed into an it girl.

Her style is always eye-catching and experimental, but often has a feminine edge. Her signature smoky eye gives her a moody seductiveness, contrasting with effortlessly messy hair, a staple in her looks. Having walked for designers like Chanel, Lily-Rose’s career as a model is thriving and her acting career is only beginning.

Set to star alongside The Weeknd in the new series The Icon, Lily-Rose is set to be serving looks whilst playing her character. Many it girls and trends originate from TV characters, such as Gossip Girl's Serena Van Der Woodsen and Euphoria's Maddy Perez, which often catapults the actresses themselves into it girl status. In the series trailer, Depp’s character has an amazing sense of style – with glittering body suits, mini-skirts, and crop tops in a glamorous urban look that we think will influence future trends.

Only time will tell what each of these future it girls will do next.

Words by Caitlin Rooney

(@caitlinrooxx on IG)

Edited by Lucy Eaton

(@llucyeaton on IG)


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