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'Tropic' Like it's Hot: Styling Blazers for Summer

On the hottest days of the year, it's essential to have cotton, silk, and linen blazers in your wardrobe. To enhance the breathability, you can pair them with mid-length shorts. For a unique twist on the classic blazer-and-shorts combination, try form-fitting bottoms such as bike shorts, which can be a stylish alternative for special occasions.

Linen blazer and shorts. Photo by Nanma on Pinterest

Blazer with biker shorts. Photo by Flavia Millen on Pinterest

In 2021 Madeline Fass wrote an article for Vogue on summer blazers. She explained the difference between summer blazers and our usual suit jackets. "What makes summer blazers different from the rest of your suit jackets is that these styles come in lightweight fabrics or have precisely placed cutouts. And instead of heavy plaids, checks, or houndstooth, these styles are offered in an easy summery color palette — from sandy white shades of linen or lemon yellows and dusty pinks.“ Then the article presented a whole pack of linen blazers in a large selection of prices.

During the hotter days – choose wisely what to wear underneath. If you want to wear anything at all. Wink wink. (For real, though. You can wear the blazer as a dress without worrying what to wear underneath) Lace or satin bralettes with the right accessories go a long way. Helen Yu wrote for Tatler: "A sporty crop top with a blazer will always look good on summer Fridays as a casual take on workwear—and if you’re wary of the trend, pick a bra top that features lace detailing and satin finishes instead to create a feminine look."

Gigi Hadid on a night out at LFW

When shopping for spring/summer blazers, ensure that you‘re choosing either unlined, half-lined, or quarter-lined, as they will provide better breathability in comparison to full-lined blazers. Even though full-lined blazers fall better, it is advisable to go for unlined, half-lined or quarter-lined ones. Of course, if you want to stay comfortable during the warmer season.

"A cohesive head-to-toe ensemble is one of the easiest, most stylish ways to wear the summer blazer trend," wrote Helen Yu for Tatler. "Style your blazer with bottoms in the same colour will not only help accentuate your height, but also draw attention to the accessories for a bigger impact. Alternatively, you can pick a few tones from the same family to work in your look."

For this year Brunette from Wall Street suggests that chic double breasted blazers are on fire for spring and summer 2023. Choose the right material, and you‘re ready for the warm season.

Words by Karolina Iljinaitė

(@karolina.ilji on IG)

Edited by Lucy Eaton

(@llucyeaton on IG)


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